Fight until the end, or Tooth with a secret

Over the last twenty years, humanity has made a huge step forward - we have developed very much in science, technology... And of course, in dentistry. However, it is not that simple.

After many years of practice with dental implants, humanity knows for sure that there is nothing better than own teeth. However, the path leading to the absence of own teeth cannot be reversed. You have lost your teeth - and that is it.

Moreover, there are quite detective cases happens sometimes.

Recently, the owner of the "mysterious" tooth came to me. Let us call it a tooth with a secret. Please look at his x-ray:

Загадочный зуб

Mysterious tooth

What do you see? For a specialist, it can be seen with the naked eye that something strongly protrudes from the top of the root - there is no doubt that this should not be so. After working with the canal, the following object was discovered and evacuated from there:

“Artifact” from patient’s tooth

This is a piece of wire. A piece of wire in the human tooth! Probably you are surprised by such a find, and now I will surprise you even more: this is not uncommon. Many of our readers have something similar in their teeth. In most cases it is not diagnosed and quietly carries a danger to the body. Just imagine - a piece of metal of unknown origin is located in the jawbone and has been there for years.

Let us return to the hero of our evening. This is how the tooth looked immediately after cleaning:

Right after removing a wire

Huge work has been done to make it look like this:

Tooth after cleaning

Then we took an X-ray again. Here it is:

Tooth after treatment

Now the patient will be ok. His tooth is no longer a secret box, but an ordinary white tooth. From now on, it will serve for a long time and fulfill its’ duties.

That is the story. The beginning, the plot, the culmination - all as like in a good Hollywood movie with a happy end. I hope your visits to the dentist’s cabinet will also have a happy end. I wish you more happy ends in your life.


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