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Igor Kuharyk

After 10 years of working as a dentist, I am convinced that my mission is to fight for each tooth and preserve everything that is possible.
My services will help you to return your healthy smile!

Igor Kukharyk dental clinic is a guarantee of a healthy smile for you and your family.

Today, the most important thing in dentistry is an individual approach to each patient and the constant improvement of the techniques and knowledge of the doctor. That is why the choice of a clinic for you and your family should be a deliberate decision. After all, healthy teeth are one of the most important factors in the health of the body as a whole.

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile? Igor Kukharyk dental clinic in Shuliavka at your service! You can check prices on the site.

Igor Kuharyk

The advantages of the clinic:

1 /5 10 years of experience in the dentistry field.
2 /5 New technologies and modern equipment that allow us to quickly and efficiently diagnose the disease, conduct painless treatment and prevent relapse.
3 /5 A wide range of services: from therapy to surgery. You will not need to visit different specialists to get the perfect smile.
4 /5 Free consultation at the first visit.
5 /5 Private dental clinic is located in the center of Kiev (near the metro station Shuliavska, Shevchenkivskyi district).

Clinic services:

Installation of implants

Absence of a tooth is a frequent occurrence. The tooth can be removed in the case of an irreversible pathological process, knocked out as a result of injury or absent from birth. In this case, the installation of the implant helps.

The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. Review and sanation of the oral cavity;
  2. X-ray or CT is conducted to explore the usefulness of bone tissue and exclude the presence of a tooth that has not erupted;
  3. Installing the titanium root of the tooth into the bone tissue under local anesthesia;
  4. Installing a gum former;
  5. Dental impression making for the individual abutment and crown;
  6. Installing the abutment and the crown.

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile? Igor Kukharyk dental clinic in Shuliavka at your service! You can check prices on the site.

Removal (extirpation) of a tooth

Most often, such a surgical intervention involves teeth that are a source of infection, supernumerary (extra) teeth and wisdom teeth (third molars), which displace the dentition and lead to an abnormal bite. Before removal, it is necessary to make a general or targeted x-ray of the tooth to determine the number and location of the roots. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Duration: from 15 min.


Do you want to whiten the enamel and clean hard-to-reach areas of the teeth? Complex professional cleaning: ultrasound, Air Flow and polishing of all teeth with brushes using a special paste. This procedure is painless, even patients with high sensitivity of the teeth will not feel discomfort. We use only modern cleaning methods.

Removal of acute pain

Every second adult at least once in his life suffered of a sharp toothache. It arises unexpectedly and becomes unbearable; various irritants can cause the toothache: chemical, mechanical, temperature. Acute toothache can also be a warning that you have caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, and periodontitis. So what to do if a sharp toothache suddenly arose? The following few steps will help you to relieve pain a little: clean out leftover food and rinse the mouth with water containing solute salt. And to get rid of this problem forever - book an appointment with me.

Tooth prosthetics

For dental prosthetics special caps are used - metal-ceramic crowns. To do this, the tooth is inspected, non-viable tissues are removed, x-ray control and prosthetics are performed. And your smile is perfect again.

Endodontics: root canal treatment

Pulpitis is an inflammation of a neurovascular bundle of the tooth. This disease not only involves the usual filling, but also root canal treatment. The procedure is performed in several steps: opening and cleaning of the canal, its filling with X-ray control.

Filling and restoration of teeth

Caries is the most common disease in dentistry. Untreated caries leads to pulpitis and periodontitis. Filling allows you to get rid of caries and prevent complications. With the help of the restoration, you can restore the anatomical shape and function of the tooth in case of cracks. The procedure is performed at one time: with or without anesthesia, the carious cavity is cleaned and the tooth is filled. After that, the tissues nearby are examined for the presence of a pathological process.

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